I’m Dr. Katherine V Pace and I am extremely passionate about helping you navigate through your pelvic floor issues so that you can live your best life.

I graduated from Rutgers University in 2005 with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. I earned my clinical doctorate from The University of Medicine and Dentistry in 2008. I was exclusively practicing in outpatient orthopedics until I fell in love with the pelvic floor specialty. I became Pelvic Health Certified in 2017.

In 2010 I had become extremely frustrated with at least a dozen different doctors as they failed to take my son’s constipation issues seriously. (He was not even one year old at the time.) I understand what it feels like to be misunderstood, unheard, and lost. Doctors kept telling me my son was fine. I finally sought my own specialists in NYC and quickly thereafter he was diagnosed with a very rare colon disease that needed multiple surgical interventions.

I have a special place in my heart for my patients that are almost made to believe their pain or symptoms are all in their head. I am here to help you find out if there is a better way to resolve your issues through exercise and movement instead of with pills and surgery.