Take back CONTROL of your pelvic floor

Take back CONTROL of your life!

Don’t settle for copycats. Choose Haven.

Why are you here?

H ave you been having incontinence? Are you trying to get back to exercising after the baby? Can you not finish a workout because you are running to the bathroom? Are you only wearing black pants because you are worried about having an accident? Has it been years since you gave birth, but now you can’t get a good night’s rest because you are waking up to use the toilet multiple times a night? Are you feeling upset with your body because you can’t enjoy sex anymore due to pain?

Are all the doctors telling you it’s all in your head or just wait a couple more months and then see…

You have come to the right place!

Read below for a list of things we can help you with:

  • Incontinence – Stop peeing your pants so you can get back to your running, Pelaton, and yoga without worrying.
  • Diastasis Recti (Mommy Pooch) – It’s very common to feel like you cannot engage with your abdominals after baby… Learn how to safely get back that connection!
  • Pregnancy – Learn what pregnancy and delivery do to your pelvic floor and how we can minimize any issues!
  • Postpartum Rehab – Recovery after an episiotomy or tearing
  • Pelvic Pain – (Vulvodynia, vaginismus, pubic symphysis pain) Has your doctor diagnosed you with some form of this? Has the cream not been helping? Haven can teach you how to release these muscles to stop the pain.
  • Unresolved back, SI, and hip pain – Upwards of 90% of chronic low back pain has a pelvic floor component and that is why traditional chiro, PT, or injections won’t fix the problem.
  • Male Pelvic Health – Yes! We treat men! Men can have just as many pelvic floor issues as women! Some pelvic floor therapists do not work with men, but we help all genders.
  • Pediatric Pelvic Health – Yes! We treat kids! Bedwetting and pediatric constipation can be helped with pelvic floor therapy!

Why choose us over other pelvic floor clinics?


The words on this website come directly from the owner.  She has spent countless hours trying to create a specific feel and brand for her patients. Other clinics that have stolen our words are unacceptable.

We have dedicated our entire practice to the pursuit of improving pelvic health. Our therapists have dedicated their professional careers to pelvic floor rehabilitation. This is what we do. This is the only thing we do.

We have created an atmosphere that is welcoming, calm, and beautiful.  This is the space where we ourselves would want to rehab. This is a place we know our patients will be able to heal.

We also have a special hybrid and remote program where you only come in once a month! Everyone’s busy and sometimes we want to prioritize our health, but we just physically cannot find the time.

Our hybrid program is pretty special.  It’s unique. It works! It is the future of rehab.