I’m a matcha-loving mama, who thrives off a good 20-minute nap time workout, but I can’t say it was always that way.

My obsession with pre+postnatal fitness began after the birth of my daughter. I had an unexpected c-section and was shocked by the difficulty of the recovery process.

After leaving my 8 week check up with my OB, all that I was armed with was the understanding that I needed to take things “slow”.

That little tip from the doc left much to be interpreted and a lot of room for error in understanding not only how to strengthen, but actually heal my body from pregnancy and birth.

So naturally I was drawn to working out how I did pre-baby, pushing myself to do hour long gym workouts or yoga classes at the studio at the highest intensity my body could withstand. If I wasn’t dripping in sweat, it didn’t feel like I did enough.

On top of the physical challenges I was feeling in my body, from pelvic heaviness, c-section scar tightness, and fecal incontinence (yup, we’re going there. I did in fact poop in my pants, quite a few times), I was also feeling the mental and emotional struggle of not being able to live up to the expectations of how often and how long I should have been working out.

Fed up with my ongoing postpartum symptoms and the constant guilt from not keeping up with my pre-baby workout schedule, I decided I had to find another way to move my body that was more effective, efficient, and understanding of my postpartum body.

Flash forward to current day and I’ve got that if I only knew what I know now grin on my face. Turns out there is better way to heal and strengthen your postpartum body and it starts with a whole-body approach to restoring function to your core and pelvic floor.

Once I learned how do to this for myself, I realized how big of a gap there is in both pre+postpartum care in supporting womxn through these major changes in their body.

And it’s not that you shouldn’t and won’t ever get back to hour-long, high-intensity sweaty workouts, but it’s knowing that you don’t have to and probably shouldn’t rush back to this type of movement to strengthen your postpartum body.

So I’ve made it my mission to support moms in strengthening their body not just postpartum, but throughout their entire mamahood journey with the hopes of one day helping make this type of care a standard for all expecting and postpartum mothers.

Because us superhero moms need and deserve better.

Thanks for joining me here, mama and I hope to see you on your mat soon!

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