Dr. Sipra Laddha is a board certified physician specialized in reproductive psychiatry. She is co-founder of LunaJoy Health, the only full-stack mental health solution that is focused on the needs of women through the transitions of life from pregnancy and infertility through menopause. Dr. Laddha was recently named a top 20 finalist at the Hustle Fund out of over 1,500 companies and selected into the current Y combinator batch where she is working to rapidly increase awareness and access around common (but rarely addressed) mental health struggles.

Prior to founding LunaJoy, she attended medical school in New York, trained at Emory University Residency program and served as Chief Resident at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. Directly after residency, she started her own flourishing practice in Atlanta, GA and also served at the Veterans Medical Center in acute mental health services. In addition to the above, she is the mom of 4 wonderful kids ages 7, 7, 4, and 2 who have been her biggest motivators.

Check out LunaJoy’s website here: LunaJoy