Male Pelvic Health

Men have pelvic floor muscles that assist with bladder and bowel control, organ support, posture and stability, and sexual functions. Men are not immune to having pelvic floor issues that could lead to problems with the functions just mentioned. At Haven Physical Therapy, our therapists help you address these issues by taking a full body approach to improve your pelvic floor muscle state.

We want to make sure you have lots of information, so you know pelvic floor therapy is right for you because it is a great alternative to more invasive forms of care.

We have provided you with the who, what, when, where, and why for pelvic floor therapy for MEN!


Who provides care at Haven for men? Our pelvic floor physical therapists have taken continuing education courses after their Doctorate in Physical Therapy to work specifically with the pelvic floor. Currently Dr. Ilene specializes in providing care to our male clientele.

Who may need care? If you suspect you have a pelvic floor issue, calling for a physical therapy evaluation is a great start to determine if your pelvic floor needs care. Physical therapy can address everything from small to large issues, so if you suspect that you may have a problem, getting assessed sooner rather than later is always important! Pelvic floor issues may seem like they can emerge without a known cause, but our therapists help dive into your past medical history to assist with determining various factors that have led to your current problem. The following issues surprisingly could lead to pelvic floor issues such as recent weight gain or loss, recent injury, stress, excessive coughing, change in exercise routine, surgery, constipation issues, changes in bladder or bowel function, or disease. We like to work with your medical providers however in NJ we do have direct access so you can come directly to us for care.


What does pelvic floor physical therapy look like for men? At Haven Physical Therapy, we take a full body approach to care as your pelvic floor issues may be linked to lumbar, hip, knee, ankle or trunk issues! Care may include, but not limited to biofeedback, therapeutic exercise, neuro musculature reduction, manual therapy, bladder and bowel habit training, and down training. We start first with an initial evaluation and provide you with our assessment. We will let you know the frequency and approximate duration for care.

What does a pelvic examination consist of? Our pelvic floor therapists may recommend an external and internal examination of the pelvic floor. This consists of examining pelvic alignment, soft tissue externally surrounding the pelvis including the urogenital triangle musculature, examining tissue mobility with contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor, along with an internal rectal examination to determine pelvic floor muscle strength, mobility, endurance, coordination, awareness and power.


When should I seek care? It is always better to seek care sooner rather than later so we can start addressing the problems being affected by your pelvic floor. You can come see us before going to a medical doctor as NJ has Direct Access for physical therapist, however we do appreciate if you arrive with a script from your doctor.


Where is care provided? At Haven Physical Therapy, we have individual treatment rooms and an open gym space. We spend sessions between these two areas. Because we have our gym space, and often times work with weights and different forms of equipment, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you can exercise in.


Why seek pelvic floor therapy if you are a man? Pelvic floor physical therapy is effective in treating bladder and bowel control, erectile dysfunction, rectal pain, changes pre and post prostatectomy, care post radiation or chemotherapy. Care is non invasive and allows muscles to learn how to regain control and function.