Developed by Dr. Nicole Cozean

This screening tool will help us understand if you would benefit from a pelvic floor therapy consultation

    I sometimes have pelvic pain (in genitals, perineum, pubic or bladder area, or pain with urination) that exceeds a 3 on a 1-10 pain scale, with 10 being the worst pain imaginable

    I can remember falling onto my tailbone, lower back, or buttocks (even in childhood)

    I sometimes experience one or more of the following urinary symptoms:

    • Accidental loss of urine

    • Feeling unable to completely empty my bladder

    • Having to void within a few minutes of a previous void

    • Pain or burning with urination

    • Difficulty starting or frequent stopping/starting of urine stream

    I often or occasionally have to get up to urinate two or more times at night

    I sometimes have a feeling of increased pelvic pressure or the sensation of my pelvic organs slipping down or falling out

    I have a history of pain in my low back, hip, groin, or tailbone or have had sciatica

    I sometimes experience one or more of the following bowel symptoms:

    • Loss of bowel control

    • Feeling unable to completely empty my bowels

    • Straining or pain with a bowel movement

    • Difficulty initiating a bowel movement

    I sometimes experience pain or discomfort with sexual activity or intercourse

    Sexual activity increases one or more of my other symptoms

    Prolonged sitting increases my symptoms

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