Many times patients will call our office and the only question they ask is: Do you take my insurance? I feel that we have been programmed to ask this because when it comes to our health, it should be completely covered by insurance, right?

If you are looking for a pelvic floor therapist, I instead encourage you to ask this – Will you get me better? That’s a pretty loaded question, so I have made 3 easier questions to ask the office before you decide on a pelvic floor clinic.

1. Does my therapist perform internal assessments?

Patients ALWAYS have the right to defer an internal assessment.  But, I believe an in person pelvic floor therapist should be SKILLED and capable of performing one. Some offices claim to treat pelvic floor, but they never had training in how to assess the internal muscles of the pelvic floor. WHAT?! If the answer is – “No, our therapists only perform external exams” – THIS IS RED FLAG AND RUN.

2. How many patients will my therapist see at the same time as me?

If the answer is – “It depends” – THIS IS A RED FLAG AND RUN. Pelvic floor therapy is very specific. It is very private.  I believe a therapist providing in person care for the pelvic floor should see ONE PATIENT AT A TIME.

3. Who will take me through my exercises?

This might seem like a silly question.  You might assume that obviously the therapist will take you through the exercises – but that is not always the case. In order to save money, some places will have unlicensed students or aides take you through exercises that should be prescribed by a doctor of physical therapy. Some places also claim to provide pelvic floor therapy, but it is conducted by a tech or nurse that puts you on a machine. So if the answer is – “It depends” – THIS IS A RED FLAG AND RUN.

Contributed by Dr. Katherine Pace