It’s an interesting experience to be a pregnant physical therapist who needs pelvic floor therapy herself. Yet somehow, I found myself in this situation. I can empathize with all you pregnant mamas out there who thought they were doing everything right but still managed to end up 8 months pregnant and in world stopping pain! How frustrating it is to be so diligent in your prenatal care, never skipping a vitamin, never missing an appointment, saying no to that yummy deli sandwich, keeping up with nutrition and exercise, only to end up in crippling pain. But sometimes we just need a little extra help, and that’s where pelvic floor therapy come in!

In the last trimester of my pregnancy, I could not believe the physical pain I was experiencing in my pelvis. I was unable to work, unable to
walk , unable to get off the couch!

However, I am fortunate enough to work with such wonderful colleagues who were able to treat me as one of their own patients, with the upmost respect and care and professionalism. I was evaluated, given a plan of care, provided top notch treatment and received an appropriate home exercise program. Within 2-3 visits my pain was gone and I was discharged after 6 visits feeling better than ever.

This humbling time turned out to be one of my most valuable learning experiences. It has provided me with an additional lens to look through when treating patients of my own. Not only do I have the educational background and knowledge to address issues that my patients are describing, but I also have the personal experience, the physical familiarity and emotional memory as well. And most importantly this experience has confirmed what I already know- this stuff really works!


Contributed by Dr. Jessica Palermo