Bowel Issues

Constipation and diarrhea can sometimes feel like a never-ending chronic issue for many patients.  Patients that are suffering from these chronic conditions can benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy.  PT helps keep the pelvic floor muscles functioning optimally which will set up the best environment for our bowel and gut organs. Many times, patients with these issues are so used to being uncomfortable from bloating and pain that they do not realize how tight and full of spasm their pelvic floor muscles are. We help these patients gain awareness and improve flexibility and blood flow to these important structures.

Bladder Problems

There are so many different symptoms associated with the urinary system. Urinary incontinence is one of the most common reasons patients call Haven. Running, laughing, and coughing should not make your bladder leak! And guess what, you’re pelvic floor probably isn’t weak and thats why those Kegels you’ve been doing hasn’t been solving the problem!

Urinary urgency and frequency  are also common symptoms.  Do you feel like you just emptied your bladder, but you’re running to the bathroom again? Do you feel like you pee five times before being able to sleep for the night?  This is all very common and we call this increased urinary frequency. Urinary urgency is when you get an urge to pee and the feeling comes suddenly and intensely.  These issues are not because you have a “small bladder”.  Actually, there is probably nothing wrong with your bladder at all! The problem is linked to poor muscle – bladder connection and subpar pelvic floor muscles!