Men’s Health and Wellness

Let’s face it – pelvic floor, kegels, incontinence, pain with sex, and pelvic health – are problems and terms that are usually more so associated with women’s health. We want to expand your knowledge though and bring to everyone’s attention that pelvic health concerns apply to men as well. 

We all have pelvic floors and at different points in our life this part of our body can be affected and we should know where to seek care, and most importantly that we can seek care.

What is the pelvic floor? The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sit at the bottom of our pelvis. Anatomically – there are differences between genders, but the most important similarity is the role of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles assist with bladder and bowel control, sexual functions, posture, stability and pelvic organ support.

Important factors for the pelvic floor include good strength, control, coordination and mobility.

Men can have issues with each of these parameters which can in turn affect function. For example, poor mobility, strength or coordination of the pelvic floor can be a contributing factor for erectile dysfunction. Or poor mobility can be a contributing factor to pain with intercourse or difficulty with ejaculation. Strength problems can be a contributing factor to bladder and bowel control.

Also, just like how your shoulder, trunk, and upper extremity have to go through a series of motions and patterns to complete a baseball swing or golf swing, your pelvic floor muscles have strong connections to your abdominal muscles, lumbar musculature, hip musculature and diaphragm to help them complete their full job. 

When working on your baseball swing or golf game, you may be trying to create small or big changes that improve fluidity, efficiency or power . The pelvic floor muscles are no different and require a chain of muscle activity to work at their optimal level as well!

Bottom line is that men can have issues that are stemming from problems in the pelvic floor! There are so many parameters of the pelvic floor to take note of during physical therapy care that can be contributing to issues. And also it is important to know that pelvic floor therapy goes beyond just the pelvic floor to make sure everything in the trunk, pelvis and lower extremities are working together! 

Think you may benefit from pelvic floor therapy, or know someone who should be hearing this information? Feel free to reach out to learn more!

Contributed by Dr. Jessica Golden