Physical Therapy for Babies


Being a parent/caregiver is never as simple as just “parenting”. You play many different roles and have lots of different responsibilities. It can be overwhelming and even scary at times to ensure your child is getting everything they need, especially when it comes to your child’s physical development. Your pediatrician is telling you one thing, Google is telling you something different, and a friend says just the opposite. So, what do you do?! Hopefully we can help!

How do I know if my child needs physical therapy?

A child may benefit from physical therapy services for many different reasons. Have they been given a diagnosis by a provider such as plagiocephaly, torticollis, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or autism? Are they delayed in achieving developmental milestones? Are they consistently toe walking? Do you notice tripping a lot during play and running? Is there weakness or low tone?  Do you notice flatness in your baby’s head, or inability to turn to all sides? If any of the above apply, your child may benefit from physical therapy!

What will physical therapy look like for my child?

Each physical therapy session is designed for your child’s individual needs. It is tailored to maximize their strengths and minimize their limitations using fun and purposeful play!

Hold old does my child have to be to receive physical therapy services?

Physical therapy is appropriate for children of all ages! Yes- even babies! Children are never too young, or too old to receive therapy interventions. Often, the earlier a child is treated the better the outcome!

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Contributed by Dr. Jessica Palermo

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