I am always astonished about how little information medical professionals give their pregnant mamas about the BIRTH DAY. I feel like with any other surgery or procedure, there is an outline or handout given to the patient about what to expect before, during, and immediately after.  Moms, a lot of time, are left wondering what the big day will look like.

There are a TON of resources and tools you can utilize to help you prepare and recover from birthing a baby. The problem is, most moms have to do a lot of research on their own about who they can talk to.

A pelvic floor physical therapist is a great person to have on your team.  Some patients choose to see a pelvic floor therapist during pregnancy to prepare for birth and learn about how the muscles and body may change with labor/delivery and postpartum.  Some patients want to have their postpartum visit already scheduled weeks in advance because they know how hectic life can become once your bundle of joy arrives.

The biggest takeaway for our pregnant clients is learning how to connect with their abdominals and pelvic floor BEFORE giving birth so that labor andpostpartum recovery can be easier to navigate.

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Contributed by: Dr. Katherine Pace